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Standing Still in Your Past, Floating Fast Like a Hummingbird [entries|friends|calendar]

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I forgot to post this awhile ago...but I remember now! [12 Mar 2009|10:22am]
[ mood | tired ]

Best Picture Ever!

Also, if you've never heard of the West Memphis Three story, you should check it out...Scary stuff....

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Lazy [10 Jan 2009|12:26pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Im having a nice lazy Saturday,

Things are good..My ultrasound went well and we are having a boy.  I have pics and a video up on facebook if you haven't seen it.  Dmitry is kicking all the time now..my stomach moves when he does.  Its kind of creepy but cool at the same time. :)

This semester is going to kick my ass.  I have large term papers for all three of my classes, presentations, trying ot work on my project proposal and update my permits, helping to coordinate our herpetology meeting, and working in my department for my assistantship.  Oh and ill be like 8 months preggo when the semester ends.  SO this should be fun lol  Im taking salamander biology, wildlife population ecology, and the principles of natural resource management.  I think they will all be interesting!

Im finding that we will be able to buy lots of nice used baby stuff (go Craigslist) so Im a lot less stressed out about going completely broke before the baby gets here haha.  At least we have good insurance.  Pauls family already got us some nice stuff at Christmas.  My aunt wants to have a baby shower..but its so hard to get up to OH.  I really would appreciate if that happened though. lol I dont know how to decorate the room yet.

Otherwise, Christmas was a little loony but I enjoyed the lounging around :) its probably the last time I'll get to do that for a LONG time. 

Well thats about it.>I need to go work on fellowship/grant applications and changing my resume into a CV.  And writing statement of purpose letters.  huzzah!

Hope you are all well

BOooo gators.  I dont like them lol

me :)


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UF [10 Nov 2008|04:30pm]
[ mood | tired ]

IT has two cool things:


and the Krishna Lunch

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um woah [02 Oct 2008|12:25pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So I am trying to catch up on peoples lives and looks like ive missed a lot!  Sorry.  I am a horrible friend, but life without internet is very difficult.  How did people survive?  I just don't know.  

You have all missed a lot too.

I have shingles!  Paul left for Jacksonville today and then leaves for Texas on Sunday.  But I think he will not be deploying, but thats all still up in the air.   My first semester is going well, but I am really busy.  I don't know how I am going to manage school when I actually have a thesis to work on. 

UF is a pain in the ass.  I never had any problems at OSU, but UF kind of sucks  Administration is horrible.  It took me 2 months and giving them all my residency stuff 5 times to convince them I am a Florida resident.  Then they didn't disburse Financial Aid until almost the 4th WEEK OF CLASS!  I had to miss Tina's wedding because of it, which was insanely depressing, and I couldn't buy my textbooks.  The people are a pain too.  They think they are way better than everyone, they trash the place and have no class.  There was an article in the paper about the cover of the Big Ten playboy issue was actually graced by a UF player and she  was smack talking the Big 10 saying there wasn't any pretty people so they had to get them from the SEC.  Seriously.  Yes I realize there is some of that at OSU but overall there is a totally different feel.  And girls wear zero clothing (Ive seen way to many crotches and butt cheeks) and run into you on the sidewalk.  Maybe its not UF, but just the generational gap.  I've also had a lot of trouble adjusting and making friends, which I usually don't have too much trouble with.  But hopefully at some point everything will work out.  I do live right next to an Indian grocery which is amazing.  And my apartment is amazing.  I live on a lake, and there are great blue herons, ducks, turtles. and fish in my back yard. 

And my quality of actual education is great.  And I got a sweet assistantship working for my department.  I am also going to be helping my advisor and one of my lab mates put on the All Florida Herpetology Meeting.  

I may have some much bigger news soon, but I am not ready to divulge at this point.

Hope everyone is fabulous.  



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shameless Plugging [09 Jan 2008|08:29pm]
So my brothers band is in the running for Triple J'S hottest 100 2007. (A large radio station in Australia)

If you feel so inclined, please vote for either or both of Institut Polaires songs at


You can listen to the songs on their myspace page. http://www.myspace.com/institutpolaire

THanks! Sorry for advertising :)

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A toast! [31 Dec 2007|08:02pm]
Heres hoping everyone has an amazing year!

I know mine will be! Things are going great in my life...I am excited about grad school, i have an amazing boyfriend, I love my job and my friends, I live at the beach...lifes pretty damn good.

I had a great Christmas. I got a headlamp! Sweet! Paul and I had a fun whirlwind trip around Ohio. My family loves him :)
Glad to see those of you I could! Hope to see everyone again soon!

me :)

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Merry Turkey Day! [22 Nov 2007|10:54am]
[ mood | lonely ]

I am thankful for all you people!

I hope you have a great time with family/friends wherever you may be!

I miss you all

Im going to Paul's parent's house later on around noon..but right now I'm watching the Macys day parade by myself..and thats kinda lame. I just remember always watching this with my mom every thanksgiving. Oh well Ill be somewhere fun in an hour!


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I forgot one! [04 Nov 2007|07:25pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

I forgot that East Carolina is on my list too!

BTW check out my myspace or facebook to see pics of halloween..they are amazing! lol

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Another boring halloween! [22 Oct 2007|07:54am]
[ mood | cold ]

Halloween Meme
bobbo9 sacrifices kyleboon's gerbils
buckeye_bomber runs around screaming for hours until abruptly silenced by arcagentraphael, wielding a sharpened gerbil
caesarspunk puts apples in your razorblades
fusionpanda calls caesarspunk to let them know the psycho killer's in the basement
kyleboon shows up with burning torches, pitchforks and dip
lizwalmart puts real eyeballs in your cutlery
monkeyfrog tries to pick up Phantom Hitchhikers
mulks puts fake eyeballs in your Wings Greatest Hits
raynaybo carves toaster_boy's effigy in the medium of brains
secretasianman3 buries spacewaitress77 at the crossroads with a steak (rare) through their heart
sound_safari eats buckeye_bomber's spicy, spicy brains.
spacewaitress77 TPs your candy
toaster_boy swoops on mulks and drains their socks
LJ Name

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Sabbatical [18 Oct 2007|08:47pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I miss livejournal!

Ive been mostly keeping up with everyone here, at least reading wise..but I admit, Im lacking in posting skills hehe.

Anyhow..LIfe is pretty great.
REd tide sucks! I never really realized that it could affect people that werent in the water..but its does. It makes it harder to breath. Unfortunately our gopher tortoise sites are near the ocean..

I am making some large steps to make it into grad school next fall..I take my GRE soon and have contacted several professors, and have some promising options. sweet! This process has been made more complicated by Paul (my bf). Things are getting kind of serious and hes planning on moving with me when I go to school. However, he is in the National Guard, and its making things a bit hairy..but we are working on it :)

Andrea and I are finishing up our gopher tortoise surveys (THANK GOODNESS!) its fun for awhile, but 6 months of hotness with no shade is too much! lol.

Its october and still in the 80s...le sigh.

I cant wait to come back for xmas..it better snow!

I am going camping..and am excited about this!

ANyhow..hope to write more soon

I miss you guys!


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Pinchy and Grabby [05 Jun 2007|04:09pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well....Ive decided to hang back after work so I could post something really quickly.

Life is still excellent and still crazy busy. I am happy most of the time :) My job is still horribly awesome (I dont think I will ever stop saying that!) By horribly, I mean the opposite of horrible (like amazingly). Right now we are doing gopher tortoise burrow surveys..SO i basically get on an atv and head some cardinal direction. Its good times. But its hot.

Florida is indeed freaking hot and its seems to constantly be on fire. Its a bizarre thing to wake up and smell burning pine trees all the time. Its sort of like Christmas in a way, except for the massive thick smokey haze that can accompany said things.

Its also the start of hurricane season....That could get interesting.

Otherwise, two of my friends left. One went back home and the other joined the peace corp and took off for Europe.

Im excited about Liz and Terrys wedding! I had a blast at Evan and Aprils'. Speaking of.... What are people doing for this? Are you staying over in columbus? If so where?
My brother should be home in august too :)

I finally saw the 300. I saw the scurvy movie too. Good times were had.

I want Indian food, right now! But alas i am poor.

My roommate went to North Carolina for the weekend...and our house is eerily quiet.

I am still playing with bobcats. The male bobcat, Crockett, plays with me now too! Hes freaking cute.

I am starting to talk southern somewhat (eek!)

Theres a turtle living in our apartment until his shell heals. He smells rank.

I realize that this entry is rather lacking focus. But you all know thats how I roll.

Anyhow...I miss you guys :)

take care of yourselves!

me :)

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Cankles [01 May 2007|07:40am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

So i went to the beach last weekend for three hours to hang out with my friends. We played frisbee and threw around a volleyball and swam. It was amazingly fun..but apparantly i am too white for the beach. I put sunscreen on twice in that period. I am super sunburned. My legs are so sunburnt that when i stand for more than 5 minutes my ankles swell ridiculously. Ive been soaking in cold baths with my feet up. I hope it looks better before i have to travel this weekend. I cant wait too look ridiculous in a dress. Rock on!

Im excited though! Not about the sunburn...

me :)

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Inside my head [24 Apr 2007|07:52am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

These are things I think about..well in the few minutes im not thinking about snakes and food or something :)

1) I AM a very emotional and caring person...now a days people dont realize that unless they give me a reason to trust them..which isnt often anymore.  I am jaded.  Is blocking hurt really self defense? or does it hurt you more in the end?  Thank god Im strong enough to take shit and come out decently ok in the end.  I feel for those that let life crumble them.

2) Why are nice people always the ones getting hurt?  They don't deserve it.  Being a bitch or a jackass gets you a lot at times.  But I guess being nice gets you many things including loyal friends..Which is more important in the end.  And you can get up and live with yourself everyday.  

So in conclusion
Mean people suck.  fake people suck.  
Snakes are way cooler. 

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Internet withdrawl! [10 Apr 2007|07:31am]
[ mood | giggly ]

I miss LJ and internet in general.

I went and saw UF while attending a herp conference in Gainesville and Im in love. Ive been studying my ass off for the GRE so I can get in :) I can do it!

I look forward to seeing some of you in the near future :)

Otherwise, life keeps marching on. Some good things, some bad. Andreas parents are visiting (my roomie and coworker) and I love them. Ive been moody lately, but thats just a side effect of getting my feelings hurt. Ill get over it soon enough :)

I still miss snow.

well hopefully ill be able to update more often, for yours and my sake.

I miss you all!


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is this for real? [06 Mar 2007|07:21am]
[ mood | stressed ]

My life has been really random lately

Rabid opposums, gopher tortoise burrow cameras, cars not starting, domestic disputes on the side of the highway(not me), rude canadians, roller derbys, insanely untalkative people,getting railroaded into paying for a 35 dollar bottle of wine, and sushi.

Im sure there are many more things...And someday soon Ill have internet since im getting a $2/hr raise and will be able to afford such things. LIfe is brilliant :)

spring break has just begun...

I miss you guys...


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People Suck [19 Jan 2007|07:28am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

You know...im really sick of being treated like crap!

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I said Hey...Whats going on? [14 Jan 2007|09:25pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Well my birthday rocked!

My friends came out in droves to wish me a merry date of birth..I got phone calls, text messages, ims, emails, cards of both the paper and internet type, myspace and facebook comments...It was ridiculous! I loved it...I feel warm and fuzzy! hehe

On friday I had a delicious dinner courtesy of Jie. It consisted of Portobello mushroom burgers, sweet potato fries, and oreo cookies. I bought a new pair of black heels and then Andrea, Jie, Daniel, and I went to Club La Vela where I got free booze and danced like crazy. Their fog machine is terrifying.

Saturday I had delicious indian buffet...Amy came into town and we visited with her and then got cheap margaritas and mexican food for dinner. It also rained ash for my birthday..:) Good times

Today I had a belly dance rehearsal for my perfomance next weekend..>I am borrowing a costume and I love it!!! I will take pictures to show you guys!

Enjoy your week!


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My brother is cooler than yours [11 Jan 2007|09:47pm]
So a bunch of big news is happening with my brother it seems...

After they won the Western Australia's music industry award for song of the year..they seem to have gotten signed and have now won a contest for an australian radio that allows them to play the big day out..which is a big music fest in australia!

rock on!

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Asymmetrical hair [11 Jan 2007|09:18pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Well IM pretty much a florida resident now..i have a new license with the ocean and a horrible picture on it..

Well i know Ive been wanting to post a bunch of crap from decemeber..but now I cant remember any of it...
I went rollerskating and fell down like a month ago and my wrist still hurts...oh well..Itd be awesome to have money to go to the doctor and for that matter take out the stupid wisdom teeth digging into my jaw constantly and making my tooth go all cockeyed. Skatimg was fun though! I got to hang out with some of daniels friends home from college and they all seem to rock.

Christmas was stressful..but it was nice going home! I got to see my fat horse! yay!
We ran all over and saw the family in michigan and ohio... I got to see almost all my friends who were in town (Ali, Zak, Gina, Olivia, Eric, Katie Routh, Jacob, David Newland, Andy, Brie, Captain Steve). Terry had Liz, Dave Grant, and I all over for dinner and then we played some sweet nerdy game called Munchkin. It was amazing seeing everyone and I even got a little snow on christmas :) MOst of my pictures are up on photobucket so go look at them or something. It was also amazing seeing Olivia! Shes almost 2 now and she freaking rocks. Unlike most small children, she doesnt scare me. Shes extremely smart and thinks about what you are saying. You almost have to be careful what you say....I accidently said she could have my pickle becuase I didnt like them.and she didnt want to eat it after that...Luckily she got over it rather quickly ;) Shes not very whiney and she listens to adults. And shes finally big enough to wear the sweet chucks i got her for her bday last year. Rock on!

I got back on New Years Eve, had dinner with my family and went ot a new years party at a lake house. It was grand times. I ran around in the rain alot and pulled someone out of the sand with my Jeep. I think I almsot knocked over a lamp into a window. There was much dancing and a crazy 4 minute random ass toast. Other than that its been raining a lot..so IVe been working hard core.

My job is still awesome..and due to the rain, we are catching some sweet stuff..With the handling of a Coral snake early this week, I have now seen all the poisonous snakes in the area! Rock on!
THe coral snake rocked hard core. Eastern Mud turtles are pretty awesome as well.

I am moving into a new apartment with Andrea at the end of the month. The apartment is in the weird moving out stage. I am looking forward to the change :)
Hopefully the stresses of living/working together wont be bad. I think we'll be ok! Anyhow..Please dont send me anymore mail at my current addy as I wont get it soon hahaha.

I saw the OSU game..it was horrible..at least I want to go to UF for grad school :) So i guess I win! I love win win situations. Too bad life doesnt dish them out more often.

Well I am almost 25 years old...Crazy time!

i luvs you all!


(Lets rock)

2006 rocked my socks :) [03 Jan 2007|09:28pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

-Looking over 2005 Id have to say it was rather stressful again (Work and School worries, crazy dating situations, both grandparents having health issues, getting kicked out on Dec 23 by my rather drunken father

-I cant find a freaking job in florida. Bah

-I have started a whole pirate following at work too! I am giving everyone Pirate names..Mines 4 fingered jack cause I cut myself a lot lol


-I gave Olivia some little chucks for her first bday..They are SOOO freaking cute!!

-Drum circles=way too much fun (especially when there is a rattle that is a snake

-So I was jsut wondering..If there are certain things you dont like about your current significant other...is it wrong to want to change those things? (Especially if you like them overall as a person, but they have things they do that annoy you) Or are you just not right for each other and you move on? I mean I cant imagine there will be someone whos exactly what i want. I dont know.....Its hard to tell whats really going on and whats the fact im moving and things prolly wont work out (I push things away when i think im going ot lose them)

-I am jealous of people who are doing htings with their lives. iknow i shouldnt be. But honestly I feel like an utter failure at times. And honestly I feel terrible for even imaginng what it would be like to have been born into a family with teh means to back me. I just look at all these people Ive gone to school with who i am equal to in intelligence and they are off doing great things (that i SHOULD be doing) and im serving them food. I know its only temporary, but its hard. I guess at least i was blessed with teh intelligence so I CAN get out of the situation.

-Leopdtamer (6:57:40 PM): rye would youhave a problem with that?
Neospragus (6:58:35 PM): It's completely focaccia!
Leopdtamer (6:59:11 PM): to fathom your dislike would take my whole grain!
Neospragus (6:59:43 PM): nah, I don't dislike them. That would make me a sour dough
Leopdtamer (7:01:12 PM): ciabatta be nice!

-Canadian Post Money orders have a beaver watermark...
Thought you should know!

-I got a job offer :) yay!!
Looks like i may be back in WV for teh summer..but this time down south a little more.
she was impressed by my application and my references had nothing but good things to say about me :) that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

-Hope all is well :) NAd your st pattys day was good..I made rumbledethump and spent the night with a bottle of irish cream..oh the excitement.

-Andy and I didnt break up..but it was rpetty close. THe whole situation made me realize i liked him a bit more than i actually thought..he gets one moreo shot..Its not that he did anything really bad or anything..he just isnt exactly what i want him to be. But hes a good guy

-I will have no television, no internet, no phone. But im really looking forward to that in a way. I will miss livejournal. And itll be super hard to keep in touch. I dont really think ill even have a mailing address. And itll be super hard to plan out whats going to happen after im done..cause i wont ahve access to job sites and all that. But it feels like im useful again..and I feel lik eim starting off on life for real this time..I hope this time I wont be home again..I feel like last year i got my foot in the door and this year ive pushed the door open! (on Cassity, WV)

-So today I sent out my first application for a collecting permit. Before I always just used my bosses permit..
I feel like a real scientist now :)

-um chicago=totally awesome

I want to move here

Boys have glasses

THe end

-Steve, Carrie and I talked like Hannibel Lector all day.

-Lifes good when its busy and changing :)

-This morning Andy and I broke up. I still dont know if i made the right decision...

-Breakups are a little easier when you hate the other person. This time its more like hey youre a great guy, but you arent quite what im looking for at the moment. I think we are also just in two different spots in life.

-I am now the owner of an 85 red Jeep Cherokee :) Needs a name. But i did already buy a new froggie air freshener for it

-So Thursday..I am skipping the city of sand...and i will be heading ot middle of nowhere, WV

-Things here are great. I live in a small unincorporated town called Cassity, which is about a 30 minute drive from the larger town of Elkins (Which is about 7,000 people!). The area is surrounded by logging and coal mining and its gorgeous around here. I got here on Thursday around 8 (was about a 7.5 hour drive down Rte 250). My jeep ran great except i sometimes have to pop it into 2nd gear to get it up hills. I have named it the flying spaghetti monster.
The field house is about a 10 minute drive from the actual forest and is actually an old schoolhouse. THere is a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a big bunkroom. Right now there is only 4 people (myself, Josef (Nile) my partner who is also a vegetarian), Jim who is from New York and studying deer and coyotes, and Amy who is studying vernal pool dispersal). Everyones super nice and easy to get along with. We went out in the field straigh away on friday.. The hills are hard for me to climb..but im getting better! I think its a combination of the elevation and the uphill steep which i am obviously not used to. Basically what we are sampling transects in different areas, with different silvicultural treatments. During hte day we are checking the transects, getting GPS coordinates, marking trails, etc. We sample at night and bring the sallies back and measure and ID, and sex them in teh morning. Sexing is pretty sweet as we use a light to see through them and you can see all their insides (heart beating, stomach contents, intestines, the whole bit). We take them back to teh same spots we get them from and release them. We also have to enter data into the computer, make litter bags, take care of the truck, check coverboards we set up. There are two sites, and one has 5 plots with 9 transects each, and the other has 7 plots also with 9 transects each.

-We also have been eating Ramps that we picked from our field site. THey are pretty good

-Friday night we went back into Elkins to this awesome Venezuluan restaraunt that has music on wednesdays and fridays.

-Yesterday we headed back into Elkins for teh Ramp Festival which was awesome. I had a ramp sucker, some ramp eggrolls (being sold to help the town restore an old mill), french fries, ramp dip, ramp asparagus, peace love and ramps, and almost had ramp cotton candy..but i couldnt bring myself to do it :) The Elvis impersonator was hilariously bad.

-Oh Sweet Gatorade
Pinnacle of Modern Man
Sweet Electrolytes

-We went out for Cinco de Mayo, had a free margarita, some yummy food, a mojito, more margaritas, befriended a band, saw another band with the first band, and had a rum and coke. Good times. yay!


-Im worried Ill always go for the unreliable guys who cant call me back and cant show me that i mean anything to them
What if you never get those experiences we all think we are sposed to have? (Don't we all expect our happily ever after?)

-BUTTERS, ANDYS FUCKING CAT. he couldnt keep her at his parents house, so instead of doing something responsible (like trying to find a good home for her, or taking her to a shelter where at least shell have a chance)..he throws her in our yard without telling anyone..not to mention shes been living inside for like 6-7 months, oh and shes in heat. Fucking A. I am so livid right now..i cant even tell you

-Gina is now married :) Crazy! I guess i never expected her to be one of the first of us...I cant even imagine being married right now..MAybe i dont ever see myself getting married..who knows. I like my freedom, I like doing what I want.

-SO ive decided to visit the Nati for this upcoming music fest Dave Menninger wrote about in his blog.

-12 ecologists picked to live in a house! See what happens when science nerds stop being polite and start being real!

-Also Amy, Matt, and I went out to dinner one day and met some local guys who were trying to impress us with their Lexus. OOOOO hahahahah.

-I also found the time to look up my old hs biology teacher, Mr Blakemen who just so happens to be amazing! He retired the year I graduated, but he was one of the two majorly awesome influencial teachers Ive had. He was super interested in field bio (particularly prairies and hawks) and probably was a part of why I am doing what I am today.

-So we got a flat tire and saw a bear today!!! (A screw went into the tire, and the bear was about 100 feet away from us in the woods).

-Amy and I left on Friday morning and I realized I wave at people in the car now (its a WV thing)..people in Ohio dont really do that..so i figured id wave at everyone and see how many people waved back. Only one guy in a lowrider purple truck waved at us, and one person gave us the Fonzi finger point. Most people just looked at us funny. It was funny and interesting.

-"Did you hear about the cow who had an abortion? It was decalfinated!" OOOO!!

-The next day we woke up, and Dave's mom fed us..She was super nice! She showed us her spoon collection

-44. Living Arrangement? MWERF Bunkhouse..oh yeah! i have like 14 roommates right now..and i LOVE it

-falafels? or falafi?

-So last night Amy and I went into town to see a bluegrass band called Jackass Flats...we lucked out because there was a car show for the july 4th weekend and i HEART old cars! but we saw the band..they were great..and then we met some obnoxious cop from delaware who was there for a wedding (his coworkers fiance was from elkins..and she knew soemone in our field that hooked amy up with going to grad school at marshall). He made fun of a lot of different diverse groups..ugh

but he invited us to the wedding reception..and his sister was dry humpin ghte banjo player in the bar...OI!

-Happy 4th of july everyone!

I went to Morgantown, WV for the weekend (home of the WVU mountaineers and the personal rapid transport). SOme of the fish people here are from that area and invited us to party and watch fireworks. It was spectacular. PArtying with ecologists (particularly fisheries) is never dull. NOt to toot our horns..but we tend to be a pretty fun group of people.

I really really enjoyed the fireworks, as I always do. I lose myself in them a bit and for some reason reflect back on my life so far. ITs interesting to think abotu all the times Ive watched the spectacle and where I was in my life (where i was, what I was doing, who i watched them with..you know) Its amazing and peaceful. This year I can say..im truly loving my life..and enjoying all the fun people im meeting. Last night I met Ken, whose house we were at. He was super nice..and hilarious. He had an announcer voice and we skipped down the bike trail singing threes company. There was also an extreme piece of eye candy..but he wasnt much fun tot talk to..but he liked to be shirtless..which was fine by me.

-Well I come back and start to drink..(reminder that everyone else has already been drinking for about 3 hours) and Carl decides he wants a mohawk. So with a pair of mustache trimmers and a pair of knitting scissors...carl gets his mohawk courtesy of sean.
Matt (who formerly had a long curly fro thing going on) was so drunk he decided he wanted a mullet. And MAN did he get a mullet. Its a thing of beauty. Stacy did it for him..and man is it amazing. I cant wait till i can post pictures. There is also a huge pile of hair on the floor. ITs amazing.
At about this time..someone has the genius idea that we should go to the swimming spot at like 1 in the morning. WE all piled into the back of a pickup truck and drive down three miles where there is no light and its pitch dark. Luckily Nile built a fire relatively quickly. Let me remind you that Appalachian streams ARE COLD! hahah so the next thing I know...everyones naked jumping off the rope swing and being crazy. Sean fell in the mudpuddle which was hilarious.

-So Wednesday is officially my last day as a vtech employee..I am sad. I have no job lined up and its back to home. Its depressing

-so My job in WV is finished..I miss WV. Its becoming my second home..and its so beautiful. its weird to look at the horizon and not see mountains! Im glad I got to spend so much time there and realize how cool of a state it really is. Of course there is the whole redneck aspect to it..but theres also a lot of nature and artsy people and a whole mountain culture thats pretty much awesome. And theres lots of bluegrass music.

-On my last day...Amy and I went to to Davis/Thomas area and saw Blackwater Falls and hung out at the Purple fiddle. The purple fiddle was amazing. It was a rather hip coffee house/bar and it was amazing. The Hackensaw Boys played some bluegrass (THEY ROCKED!) We hung out with them afterward and some of our local friends that jus thappened to be there at the Mountain State Brewery. Yummy beer. It was an awesom eway to go out.

-I also have some good news in the job market. Today I interviewed for a fisheries job in Utah and have an interview for a job in Florida on friday morning. So heres hoping something works out. Im excited to have interest! THe experience is definately helping :)

-Well we went back to his car and started talking..and then we sorta started kissing. Well the people called the cops on us!!! hahahahah So a cop showed up and was nice and everything. But it was pretty funny. Im a loiterer.

-I am moving to Florida (Panama City) next week!!

-I dont have a plce to live..i dontknow whether I hsould take my car, sell it, etc
I dont know how im gonna pay for anything!
Im a weirdo..and any guy who gets slightly interested in me or acts a little too clingy..i blow off. I have issues.

-my adventure starts....
ill let you all know when i have internet access/address and all that. For now you can reach me on teh phone :)
i luvs you all! You have a place to crash in florida.

-I named my work truck Bubba. Im excited about all the cool equipment and things I get to use. at the Current point in time I have 4 gps units, an atv for use, an f250 v8 4x4 truck (Bubba), and a super super nice digital camera (the kind with the lenses that come off and on). Im having so much fun.

-Steve Irwin: Today I dedicate my herp work to you! (If I dont i think i might be a little too depressed to work.)
You were an inspiration!
I am sad we lost him so young..he has done so much to help so many unloved and misunderstood animals..and I hope his impact is long lasting

- One of my life goals is going to be fulfilled
I have found a place in PC that teaches Belly dance

-Life is getting easier here. THe weekend back in the great lakes area helped immensely. It was really hard to come back. I tortured my brother for approximately 24 hours straight being as annoying as possibly

-I miss fall :'(

-Well i finally went to the beach and I have to admit..going swimming in the ocean in October was pretty much awesome. Ive gotta learn not to accidently swallow salt water though

-I also made an executive decision that one person is not going to make me miserable the rest of my life. Thats freaking stupid.

-Andrea and I went garagesaleing last weekend..I bought an obnoxious paper mache crab and I named it Pinchy. Im in love with him.

-In other news, I found something else to do in my spare time. There is a cat sanctuary/center type place in PC and they need volunteers. THe main focus of my time will be to enrich the cats lives..So i get to play rope with bobcats and cougars...life is hard

-Last weekend we went to a powwow..it was disturbing..i felt like i was in the twilight zone.

-My thanksgiving rocked. I went to Annas on Wednesday night, watched some Gilmore Girls, and caught up with Anna.
Thanksgiving was memorable!!! Anna's great aunt was a self-described "Georgia cracker". She was fiesty, force fed me food, and managed to make annas bf feel excessively awkward. I want to be like her someday ;) Yes, I have lofty goals in life.
Dinner was tasterific...I ate way too much.
This was the first year I wasn't with my family for the holiday. It was strange but good :) I did miss my routine and seeing my friends, but change is always welcome.
I think im going to get fat.

-I played the new nintendo at my friends house..it rocks my world.

-So my horse is sick..
My parents are here and cant go help him and neither can i
I hope he pulls through..
I feel guilty and helpless.

-Psycho horse appears to be pretty much back to normal
No more crying in the closet for me!

-Its always fun to read through my last years events. And for once..that happy, better luck next year I always wished for finally happened. 2006 was actually a nice change of pace.

-I'm off on my own...I have a job I love....I have great friends. Ive finally been able to let go of some things that have plagued me in the past and have continued to work on things in myself that I would like to see changed. I seem to have found that elusive happiness that has evaded me for quite a few years. Now if i only made more money so I could catch up my bills..life would be perfect..;) oh well, all in good time.

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